Students will belong to one of three courses that have been established based on Hiroshima University’s vast experience (Cultural Creation Course, Technical Creation Course, Social Implementation Course), where they will acquire advanced specialist skills. Courses are selected based not on students’ majors as undergraduates, but rather in accordance with their reasons for joining the program and career plans. Students from the three respective courses will then form teams, and take up the challenge to resolve multicultural coexistence issues in disadvantaged regions, from a multilateral perspective of cultural creation, technical creation and social implementation.

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Cultural Creation Course

Students will learn about the fundamental elements and approaches in regional research, and obtain wide-ranging specialist knowledge on the south Asia region and global culture. They will also develop the ability to address comprehensive issue resolution, including regional comparisons and developmental issues.

Technical Creation Course

Students will gain wide-ranging specialist knowledge, from electrical/electronic engineering including semi-conductors and electricity, to system information studies such as sensing and image processing. They will also develop the skills required to execute technology development that matches the needs of regional societies.

Social Implementation Course

The students will gain an understanding of the effects and benefits of science and technology on society, and acquire specialist knowledge of planning required for social implementation and economics. They will also develop the ability to find and analyze compound issues in regional societies and lead them to implementation.