Ghulam Dastgir Khan
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellowships for Young Scientists – DC2 (2020)
Oishi Tomoko
Shibusawa Ethnology Fund, Research Grant for Postgraduate Study (2019)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellowships for Young Scientists – DC2 (2020)
K.Matsushita Foundation Award and Grant Programs (2020)
Azusa Matsumoto
Global Leadership Training Programme in Africa, United Nations University (2020)
Paksung Nattacha
Research Grants (German Academic Exchange Service (Der Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst:DAAD)) (2018/10 – 2019/7)
Kakujo Ryusei
Hiroshima University Satake Fund, Internship Overseas Support (2018)
Vu Ha Thu
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellowships for Young Scientists – DC2 (2018)
Pinar Temocin
Full Grantship, The NEREC Summer Fellows Program (2019)


Thomas Kloepfer
Excellent Poster Presentation Award: Regulations and Policies for Poverty Reduction through Cannabis Industrialization: A Case Study of a Mountainous Community in Western Nepal (JAHSS JASID Joint International Conference, 2019/11)
Azusa Matsumoto Reardon
Global Challenge Award/Micron Award: Voices of Syrian Refugee Camp (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2019, 2019/9)
Vu Ha Thu
Runner-up (English Presentation): Encouraging farmers to adopt organic fertilizer: Can experience sharing substitute for subsidy? (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2019, 2019/9)
Zenitani Hiroshi
JSW The Japan Steel Works Award: Can organic semiconductor save disadvantaged areas ? (in Japanese) (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2017, 2017/11)
Syaftika N.
Winner/People’s Choice (Gold)/Springer-Nature award: Fueling your car with garbage and wastewater: possible? (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2017, 2017/11)
Mattana T.
Global Challenge Award: Bacteria direct motility and the application to stop infection (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2016, 2016/9)
Gajender T.
Best Presentation Award: Demographic transition and the challenging issues of social welfare for the elderly in Japan: Importance of old age homes (The 3rd Asia Future Conference, 2016/10)
Michiaki Inoue
Best Student Paper Award: An intermittent frame-by-frame tracking camera for motion-blur-free video shooting (IEEE SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII2015), 2015/12)
Andhang R.T.
Best Presentation Award (The International Joint Conference SENVAR-iNTA-AVAN (SIA) 2015 in Johor Bahru, 2014/12)
Nattacha P.
Graduate Students Excellent Presentation award: Detail xylose decomposition mechanism in sub- and supercritical water (Meeting for the Society of Chemical Engineers Japan, Chugoku – Shikoku Branch, 2014/12)


Michiaki Inoue
2016-063867: Frame-by-frame Tracking Camera device (2017/10)
Zhang X.
2015-034063: LVQ Neural Network with Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture for Training and Recognition (2015/02)


Shree Kumar Maharjan
Assessing community-based adaptation in central and far-western Nepal, Lambert Academic publishing (2017)

Excellent Scholarship (Hiroshima University)

NYI NYI HTWE, Menoza Shikainnah Glow Dalumpines, Thakur Chetan Prakash, Qu Meng, Temocin Pinar (Total 5 students)
Anindita Maya Julungwangi, HE Bing, Imran Md. Masood, Das Swagata, Tomoko Oishi (Total 5 students)
Zollet Simona, Maharjan Shree Kumar, Zhang Linghan(Total 3 students)
Andhang Rakhmat Trihamdani, Nguyen Thanh Quan, Vu Ha Thu, Menoza Shikainnah Glow Dalumpines, Tunchai Mattana (Total 5 students)
Tunchai Mattana


Vu Ha Thu
The 10th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates (Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, 2018/3/12-15)
Qu Meng
Exhibition: Re-thinking the Island Soul – Mitarai’s Photography & Painting Exhibition (Hiroshima University Museum, 2018/12/14-2019/3/2)

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