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TAOYAKA Newsletter

Vol.11 (Winter 2019) (PDF 1.8MB)
  • Onsite Training in Mitarai village, Osakishimojima Island
  • Message from Graduates
  • Opening Ceremony / Introduction of New Students
  • Dialogue with Ms. Setsuko Thurlow
  • International Workshop (Team 13 Onsite Team Project Report)
Vol.10 (Summer 2019) (PDF 1.5MB)
  • The Third TAOYAKA Program Completion Ceremony
  • Message from Graduates
  • Onsite training in Uttarakhand, India (2019/3/9~17)
  • Conference Report
  • Summer 2019 International Workshop
Vol.8 (Winter 2017) (PDF 1.5MB)

  • Message from Professional Mentor, Mr. Ram Prasad Dhital (Alternative Energy Promotion Centre)
  • The First TAOYAKA Program Completion Ceremony
  • Onsite course rotation: The value of mobility in disadvantaged areas
  • Onsite training in Oki islands
  • International Workshop: REVITALIZATION IN RURAL AREA
Vol.7 (Summer 2017) (PDF 1.6MB)

  • Message from Professional Mentor, Prof. David J. Eaton (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Opening Ceremony: April 06, 2017
  • Onsite course rotation: Kita-Hiroshima
  • Onsite course rotation: Akinada and Mituta Bridges
  • Onsite training in Himalayan State of India
  • Onsite Team Project: Revitalization of Kita Hiroshima Town by Eco-Tourism
Vol.6 (Winter 2016) (PDF 3MB)

  • Message from Academic Mentor: Prof. Idaku ISHII (Technical Creation Course)
  • Onsite course rotation
  • Onsite training in Nijo, Shimane
  • Special Summer Program: Leadership Training Program at UT-A
  • Award Recipient Interview: Three Minutes Competition for Future Doctors 2016
Vol.5 (Summer 2016) (PDF 3.6MB)
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Introduction of Academic Staff
  • Onsite course rotation: Akinada and Mitsuta Bridges in Kure
  • Onsite training in Gujarat, India
  • Onsite Team Project: Development of biomass-based ecotourism in Kita-Hiroshima
  • Third-Party Evaluation Committee Meeting
Special Edition (PDF 1.7MB)
  • Session 1-I Keynote Speech
  • Poster Presentation
  • Staff Meeting
  • Reception
  • Message from Participants
Vol.4 (Winter 2016) (PDF 4.4MB)
  • Message from Academic Mentor: Prof. Kazuo TOMOZAWA (Cultural Creation Course)
  • Onsite Course Rotation: Iinancho, Shimane
  • Onsite Course Rotation: Kita-Hiroshima
  • Onsite Training: Bangladesh
  • TAOYAKA International Symposium
Vol.3 (Spring 2015) (PDF 3.6MB)
  • Message from Academic Mentor: Prof. Shinji KANEKO (Social Implementation Course)
  • Onsite Course Rotation: Nagasaki
  • Onsite Course Rotation: Fukutomi
  • Internship report
  • Nepal Earthquake Relief Activities
  • Participation in Soundness Survey of the Atomic Bomb Dome
Vol.2 (Fall 2014) (PDF 1.4MB)
  • Message from Prof. Akimasa Fujiwara (Sub-coordinator)
  • Taoyaka Program 1st International Symposium “Toward a Multicultural-Coexistence Society
  • Introducing Academic Staffs
  • Satellite Offices
  • Onsite Course Rotation: Micron Technology Inc.
Vol.1 (Spring 2014) (PDF 1.4MB)
  • Message from Prof. Hidenori Okahashi (Program Coordinator)
  • Introducing Academic Staffs
  • Satellite Offices
  • Onsite Course Rotation: Iinan-cho
  • Research: A Pilot Survey of Rural Villages in Nepal


「Chiisana Kyoten」wo tsukuru – Written by Fujiyama Ko/Nosanbunkakyokai The activity of Onsite Training was described.
  • The activity of Taoyaka Program Onsite training (2016) at Nijo-chiku, Masuda-city, Shimane was described in this book. (P102-P104)

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