Professional Mentors

Professional Mentors

Professional mentors participate in our program from autonomous communities in disadvantaged area, public service, organizations which conduct human resource development programs, universities abroad, and companies with leading-edge technologies. They engage in advising and evaluating our students practicaly in lectures and seminars, career support, and Qualifying Examinations.

Victorino Aquitania
Victorino Aquitania
  • Regional Director, ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability Southeast Asia Secretariat
  • professional area: Public administration
  • Message: I have confidence that students of the TAOYAKA Program will become movers and shakers in their respective fields and eventually become “Change Makers” in their own country, if not globally!
David Eaton
David Eaton
  • Professor, Bess Harris Jones Centennial Professor of Natural Resource Policy Studies, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Professional area: Consensus formation
  • Message: You have an opportunity to achieve excellence as professionals and scholars, as well as ethical leaders. To create a society of coexistence will require all of your creativity, your courage, your humility and your capacity to choose what is reasonable and responsible.
Begum Nurjahan
  • Managing Director, Grameen Shakti
Ram Prasad Dhital
  • Executive Director, Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology Government of Nepal
S. Paul Sumitro
  • President and CEO, Smart Sensys LLC, IL
  • Professional area: Monitoring Engineering
  • Message: As prospective Grobal Leaders, TAOYAKA PROGRAM enriches you knowledge and knowhow to actualize a Co-exisperity society.
Hassan Virji
羅 黄順
  • Professor, University of Maryland
  • Professional area: Integrated research of climatic variation risk management
  • Message: I hope you become “driving forces” of the Taoyaka Program and be Global Leaders fostered by the TOYAKA program. Together we can attain peaceful, and sustainable diverse society!
Takuji Okamoto
  • President, Keisoku Research Consultant Co.
  • Professional area: Metrology
  • Message: I would like to support students’ researches, developing some infrastructure monitoring technology
Kazuyuki Kawamoto
  • Special Adviser, The Chugoku Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Mamoru Yamada
  • Manager, Micron Technology, Inc., Fab15 HR GA
Masayuki Moriyama
  • President, Vital LEAD Co. LTD.
  • Professional area: Transportation planning, Rural planning
  • Message: My doctoral research which is related to design for social implementation later became the foundation of my company. Study hard with diversity of perspectives!
Ko Fujiyama
  • Director, Research Institute for Sustainable Community Company
  • Professional area: Rural Management
  • Message: Let’s create sustainable societies from each regions!
Katsunobu Shirakawa
  • Chief Curator, Hiroshima Prefecture Kitahiroshia-cho Board of Education
  • Professional area: Ecology
  • Message: Since it’s been obvious that “sustainable society” is unfeasible with centralized cities, accumulated and indigenous knowledge and culture in each area are essential. Let’s study together and create a new society.
Prakash Chandra Tiwari
  • Professor of Geography, Kumaon Universiy, India
  • Professional area: Geography
  • Professor, International and Regional Studies, Hokkaido University of Education
  • Professional area: Construction Management, Infrastructure & Empowerment
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Contemporary Culture, Hijiyama University
  • Professional area: Tourism Geography


Prof. KAKINAKA Makoto
  • Affiliation: Professor, Ritsumeikan University, College of Economics
  • International Economics, Public Choice and Policy Analysis, Banking and Financial Systems
  • Professional area: Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program

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