Degree / Completion Requirements


The following degrees are conferred in this program depending on the course in which the student is enrolled. The diploma conferred will state ‘This is to confer the degree of doctorate (type pf degree) in recognition of completion of the doctorate program (Taoyaka Program) in the Graduate School of (XXX) at Hiroshima University’.

  • Cultural Creation Course: Doctor of Literature, Doctor of International Cooperation, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education
  • Technical Creation Course: Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science
  • Social Implementation Course: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of International Cooperation

Completion Requirements

Required Credits for Completion

Credit requirement for students Enrolled in April 2020 and after

Credit Standard: Student must take 25 Credits or more as follows;

1. Required Subjects (5 Credits)

2. Required Selective Subjects (20 Credits or more)

  • (1) Student must take 8 credits or more from Required Selective Subjects on Basic Subjects for Peace and Coexistence Subjects.
  • (2) Student must take 12 credits or more from Required Selective Subjects on Multicultural Coexistence Practical Subjects and Reverse Innovation Specialist Subjects. (Specialized Subjects from students’ own graduate school can be included up to 8 credits in consultation with their primary supervisor.)

◆In addition to the above, Student must fulfill the Requirements for the degrees on his/her Graduate school (Master’s Program and Doctoral Program). *There are some subjects overlapping with the taoyaka program’s subjects.

Download Curriculum (Enrollment in April 2020 and after): PDF

Qualifying Examination

Students may apply for conferment of degree after acquiring the credits stipulated for this program, passing the Qualifying Examination1 (QE1), and subsequently submitting a thesis written in English. In cases where the Organization of the Leading Graduate Education Program has judged that the student has fulfilled the requirements for completion of the program, it shall set up an examination committee made up of teaching staff from this program with a close affiliation with the content of the doctoral thesis submitted , and external examination committee members. The final exam shall include an examination of the thesis and oral defense in English.

Qualifying Examination 1

Upon advancing to D3, an intermediate examination shall be conducted to ascertain, through a qualifying examination 1 (QE1) including the onsite research proposal, whether or not the student is adequately qualified as a reverse innovator candidate. The criteria that must be passed to be able to sit for this program’s QE1 are as follows:

  • Expectation to acquire the credits stipulated for the master’s program in each graduate school
  • Upon completion of the 2nd year, expectation to acquire 24 or more credits required in the course of Taoyaka Program concerned

QE1 examination criteria

  • Through subject-based written tests, English presentations and oral defense, and an examination of the student’s learning portfolio, the examination will assess whether or not the student possesses leadership qualities including multi-faceted thinking, autonomy, execution skills and creativity based on a spirit of the pursuit of peace, and has reached the level appropriate for a reverse innovator candidate.
  • Concerning the content of the onsite research proposal, a document examination and oral defense will be used to assess whether or not the student possesses the knowledge and ability to autonomously execute research, looking at aspects such as degree of progress, level of understanding and originality.
Qualifying Examination 2 (Doctoral Candidate Examination)

Students who wish to undertake the doctoral thesis examination need to submit a doctoral thesis written in English, having fulfilled the requirements for completion of the degree program, and undertake a preliminary examination in English.

Qualifying Examination 3 (Examination of Doctoral Thesis)

The thesis will be presented at a public hearing held by a doctoral thesis examination committee set up by the Organization of the Leading Graduate Education Program. Students need to respond to questions, including the oral defense, in English.

【Requirements for Submitting a Doctoral Thesis】
Students must fulfill both the doctoral thesis submission requirements of the program and of the student’s graduate school.

  • Passing of examinations: The student must pass the QE2 (Doctoral Candidate Examination) and acquire the skills and abilities prescribed by the program.
  • Publication of a paper in an academic journal: As a general rule, a paper authored by the student and written in English must have been published or be scheduled for publication in an academic journal with a referee system. The student must also have experience presenting research at international conferences.
  • Submission of doctoral thesis: A thesis written in English must be prepared and submitted.
【Policy Regarding the Conferring of Academic Degrees (Diploma Policy)】
  • Policy is based on the Policy Regarding the Conferring of Academic Degrees (Diploma Policy) prescribed by the Graduate School.
  • After acquiring the credits prescribed for the program and passing Qualifying Examination 2 (QE2) (Doctoral Candidates Examination), it is possible for students to apply to receive their academic degree by submitting a doctoral thesis written in English.
  • Based on the decision of the Organization of the Leading Graduate Education Program that the student has completed the program, the student’s quality as a program graduate (multifacetd thinking skills, Autonomy, execution ability, and creativity) is guaranteed.
  • Based on a review of the student’s doctoral thesis by the Graduate School Faculty Meeting, the student’s quality as a doctor in their field of specialization is guaranteed.


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