Q1. Is this program Master’s leading Doctoral or only Doctoral program?
A. The five-year course is a continuous Master’s to Doctoral program. However, the three-year course of transfer admission into the 3rd year is a Doctoral Program.
Q2. Does a student have any opportunity to conduct Master’s degree in this program?
A. Students in the five-year course will be given opportunities to obtain both Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Upon completion of the 2nd year of the five-year course, a student who has completed credits stipulated from the Master’s program in each graduate school and has passed the Qualifying Examination (QE) will receive the Master’s degree at each graduate school.
Q3. Do I need to undergo the preliminary screening?
A. Please check your application eligibility with our admission guideline. The preliminary screening is required ONLY for a person applying under certain eligibilities.

[General Admission] If you have a bachelor degree and graduated from a program that requires 3 or more years to complete, you do not need to undergo the preliminary screening.
[Transfer Admission into 3rd year] If you have a master degree, you do not need to undergo the preliminary screening.
* For either admission, if you are expected to qualify the criteria above by the date of admission you wish to enroll, you do not need to undergo the preliminary screening.
Q4. Do I need to send out the required application documents by post?
A. Application to TAOYAKA Program is an online process in which you upload the required application documents. No documents are to be mailed to TAOYAKA Program Office by post unless you are specifically asked to do so by the office.
Q5. Where can I access to the online application system from?
A. (Japanese)https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/nyushi
Q6. What is UCARO and do I need to register for it?
A. UCARO is an admission examination portal site and all the applicants are required to register for UCARO in order to start the online application procedure. UCARO website is only in Japanese. Please refer to the English manual (PDF: 2.08 MB) for step by step instruction for registration.
Q7. How can I know my examinee’s number?
A. After the admission application is accepted, applicants can confirm their examinee’s number on UCARO website. Check the date of the announcement of examinee’s number in the application guideline. For a step-by-step instruction of how to check examinee’s number on UCARO, watch the English tutorial video.
Q8. Do applicants have to receive an informal consent from the prospective supervisor before applying?
A. Before applying, please make sure to receive an informal consent from the prospective supervisor. Please refer to the list of faculty members and consult in advance with him/her that you would like as your supervisor regarding whether or not your planned activities are appropriate for the program on your desired research activities.
Q9. What is a Special Educational Program (nighttime or other specified time/period)?

A. This option is for applicants who wish to study while working full-time. Select “No” if it doesn’t apply to you.
Q10. Is this question related to the TAOYAKA financial support/grant I could get after the enrollment?

A. Most applicants fall under the category of “Privately Financed” and this category does not influence your eligibility of being able to get TAOYAKA financial support after the enrollment.
See more information about the financial support
Q11. Can my family/friend who is living in Japan pay the application fee on behalf of me?
A. Payment from outside of Japan can only be done by credit card. However, when an applicant living outside of Japan makes an application online, payment by a person living in Japan is possible if the applicant relays the necessary information to that person enabling them to make the payment.
Q12. What English Proficiency Exam should I take?
A. Please submit the score results from exams taken within the past 2 years of our admission examination date. Scores from one of the following tests are accepted. (an applicant can submit more than one score)
Q13. Is it mandatory to obtain a score in Japanese language test for international student?
A. Submitting a transcript of Japanese Proficiency Exam is not mandatory. If you have learned Japanese language, please submit the transcript results from exams taken within the past 2 years of our admission examination date.
Q14. What is the maximum age to apply for admission?
A. There is no age limit to apply for the Taoyaka Program.
Q15. Where is the announcement of successful applicants made?
A. Announcement of successful applicants for both primary and secondary evaluation will be made on Taoyaka Program website.
Applicants also check the secondary evaluation (final announcement of successful applicants) on UCARO website.
Q16. How many students studying in the program? Which country the students come from?
A. There are 23 students from 11 countries. (As of April, 2022)
Countries:  China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Namibia, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, The United States


1-5-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8529, JAPAN 
TAOYAKA Program Office, Hiroshima University 
E-mail: apply[a]taoyaka.hiroshima-u.ac.jp   *Please replace [a] with @.

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