taoyaka program seminar 2016

Taoyaka program seminar 2016

No Date Venue Title Lecturer Affiliation
65 2016/4/7
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering High-Speed Template Matching Algorithms and Its Applications Yang Hua School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University
66 2016/4/27
Room 204 , IDEC 1. ” Housing in Mumbai: Trade- offs between accessibility, affordability and informality”, Prof. Arnab Jana

2. “Urban Transformation in Ahmedabad City”, Prof. Prem Pangotra
1.Arnab Jana

2. Prem Pangotra
1. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

2. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
67 2016/5/18
Room 204 , IDEC A reconciled estimate of 20th century global mean sea-level rise Dr.-Ing. Sönke Dangendorf University of Siegen, Germany
68 2016/5/27
IDEC Room203 International Survey on Subjective Analysis Dr. Shunsuke Managi Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
69 2016/6/10
Taoyaka Class Room Smart village park design with solar power in Kodani region of Higashi-hiroshima
1.Current Status and Future Issues of Rural Area Town Planning, in Higashi-Hiroshima
2.Technology of solar photovoltaics and regional development
3.Village Park Kodani Project
1. Kaguri Takeo
2. Date Yoshiaki
3. Yorino Naoto
1. Kodani district Machizukuri Kyogikai
2. Energia Solution & Service Co.
3.Graduate School of Engineering
70 2016/6/28
Small conference room, IDEC 1. Nutritional security and health benefits of ethnic foods in India and Nepal
2. Methods of fish preservation for nutrition in Nepal and India
1. Dr. Jyoti Prakash Tamang
2. Dr. Namrata Thapa Tamang
1. School of Life Sciences, Sikkim University
2. Department of Zoology, Sikkim University
71 2016/7/15
Large conference room, IDEC ICT-based Development for Disadvantaged Regions Prof. Yinhai Wang University of Washington,
72 2016/7/14
Large conference room, IDEC Land and food security question in Nepal
Can civil society initiatives be helpful in changing the situation?
Dr. Suresh Dhakal Kyoto University
73 2016/7/6
B3-108, Graduate school of engineering On going Projects at BITS Pilani (Considering Social, Industrial and Futuristic Challenges) Dr. Karunesh Kumar Gupta Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering BITS, Pilani
74 2016/8/5
Small conference room, IDEC The displacement effect of convenience:
the case of recycling
Dr.  Shasikanta
Department of Economics,
University of Bath 
75 2016/9/5
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering See the Unseen: Computational Visual Sensing and Display at High Speed  Watanabe Yoshihiro Tokyo University
76 2016/9/12
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Holographic display and super multi-view display Takaki Yasuhiro Tokyo University
77 2016/9/14
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering High-speed Dexterous Manipulation System Namiki Akio Chiba University
78 2016/9/29
Large conference room, Graduate school of letters What kind of competition matters? Oil prices, concentration, and airfares Dr.Volodymyr Bilotkach Newcastle University, A visiting professor at Hiroshima University(July-September 2016)
79 2016/10/4
Large conference room, Graduate school of letters Rural restructuring in developing countries: Theory and practice Dr. Hualou LONG Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
80 2016/10/17
Room 204, IDEC Airport structure, governance and strategy: effects on performance Dr. Juergen Mueller Berlin School of Economics
81 2016/11/4
Room 201, IDEC Beach Management and Background Erosion Control against Climate and Human-induced Changes Prof. Jung Lyul Lee Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Korea
82 2016/11/18
1st Meeting room, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences Technological Strategy and Work Style at Global Enterprise -for Future leaders- Rieko Kataoka IBM Japan, Ltd. Tokyo Laboratory
83 2016/10/28
Large conference room, IDEC Post Vietnam War: Rebuilding Bridges after Devastation Ms.Le Ly Hayslip Author of the Director Oliver stone Movie “Heaven and Earth”
84 2016/11/10
Large conference room, IDEC A comparative empirical analysis of the determinants of initiation of integrated reporting practices in Japanese and UK listed companies: the view of voluntary disclosure theory or legitimacy theory Kimitaka Nishitani The Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration,  Kobe University
85 2016/11/21
Room K-204, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences Cruise Tourism in a Remote Small Island – High Yield and Low Impact Dr. Joseph M. Cheer Monash University
86 2016/11/29
Large conference room, Graduate school of letters The meaningful construction of geographical realities. From spatial science to action-centered research Dr. Benno Werlen The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)
87 2016/11/29
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Research progress of the CMOS image sensor
1.High-definition, high dynamic range, low power CMOS Image sensor
2.Study on the ultra-low power CMOS image sensor for wearable applications
3.Research on the high sensitivity CMOS image sensor for digital PCR
1. Wang Hui 2. Zhang Qi 3. Tian Li Shanghai Advanced Reaserch Institute, Chinese Academy of Ciences
88 2016/12/5
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Human-Computer & Brain-Computer interfaces for Multi-model Interaction Dr. Jagdish Lal Raheja CSIR-CEERI
89 2016/12/13
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Research for Understanding and Improving Human Neuromotor Capabilities Minoru Shinohara Georgia Institute of Technology
90 2016/12/14
Large conference room, IDEC Customisation of Solar Power Plant Rajeev Gyani Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA)
91 2016/11/24
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Recent Research Activities in IIEST Prof. Hafizur Rahaman Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India
92 2016/12/16
Large conference room, IDEC The Impact of Marriage Dissolution on Children’s Education Outcome: The Case of Mexico Prof. Ikuko Kochi (IDEC alumni ) Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
93 2016/12/19
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering 1.The Agent-based Diffusion Model on a Combined Social Network for Marketing, Health and Education 2. Real-coded Evolutionary Computation for Black-box Optimization 1. Setsuya Kurahasi 2. Ono Isao 1.Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba
2. Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
94 2017/1/18
Room B251, Graduate school of letters What does Empowerment Mean? ~from 10-years-experience of projects in South India Kyoko Maekawa Mura no Mirai
95 2017/1/11
A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Technology Selection and Human Resource Readiness related to Technology Transfer Iwan Inrawan Wiratmadja Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Industrial Technology Institut Teknologi Bandung
96 2017/2/14
Taoyaka Classroom A new maintenance technology of railway track in Japan Dr. Gaku Ehara JR West
97 2017/2/15
IDEC Room 405 Mental Health Cost of terrorism: Study of the charlie hebdo attack in Paris Dr. Young-Il Albert Kim SOGANG UNIVERSITY
98 2017/2/17
Large conference room, IDEC Built environment and travel behavior: Validation and application of a continuous-treatment propensity score stratification method Dr. Giancarlos Troncoso Parady Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo
99 2017/2/17
Room 204, IDEC Is the idea of the thing in the thing itself?: The ethics of technology transfer and “onsite reverse innovation” Dr. Andrew Oberg University of Kochi
100 2017/2/27
A1-111, Graduate school of engineering High-speed Visual Tracking with Application to Projection Mapping Shingo Kagami Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences
101 2017/3/1
Large conference room, IDEC An Industrial-Organization Approach to Mondy and Banking Hiroshi Gunji Daito Bunka University
102 2017/3/1
A1-105, Graduate school of engineering Internet of Things and Their Applications for morning Infrastructure and Health Prediction Dr. Kota Slomon Raju CSIR-CEERI