Ghulam Dastgir Khan
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellowships for Young Scientists – DC2 (2020)
Oishi Tomoko
Shibusawa Ethnology Fund, Research Grant for Postgraduate Study (2019)
Paksung Nattacha
Research Grants (German Academic Exchange Service (Der Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst:DAAD)) (2018/10 – 2019/7)
Kakujo Ryusei
Hiroshima University Satake Fund, Internship Overseas Support (2018)
Vu Ha Thu
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellowships for Young Scientists – DC2 (2018)
Pinar Temocin
Full Grantship, The NEREC Summer Fellows Program (2019)


Thomas Kloepfer
Excellent Poster Presentation Award: Regulations and Policies for Poverty Reduction through Cannabis Industrialization: A Case Study of a Mountainous Community in Western Nepal (JAHSS JASID Joint International Conference, 2019/11)
Azusa Matsumoto Reardon
Global Challenge Award/Micron Award: Voices of Syrian Refugee Camp (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2019, 2019/9)
Vu Ha Thu
Runner-up (English Presentation): Encouraging farmers to adopt organic fertilizer: Can experience sharing substitute for subsidy? (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2019, 2019/9)
Zenitani Hiroshi
JSW The Japan Steel Works Award: Can organic semiconductor save disadvantaged areas ? (in Japanese) (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2017, 2017/11)
Syaftika N.
Winner/People’s Choice (Gold)/Springer-Nature award: Fueling your car with garbage and wastewater: possible? (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2017, 2017/11)
Mattana T.
Global Challenge Award: Bacteria direct motility and the application to stop infection (HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2016, 2016/9)
Gajender T.
Best Presentation Award: Demographic transition and the challenging issues of social welfare for the elderly in Japan: Importance of old age homes (The 3rd Asia Future Conference, 2016/10)
Michiaki Inoue
Best Student Paper Award: An intermittent frame-by-frame tracking camera for motion-blur-free video shooting (IEEE SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII2015), 2015/12)
Andhang R.T.
Best Presentation Award (The International Joint Conference SENVAR-iNTA-AVAN (SIA) 2015 in Johor Bahru, 2014/12)
Nattacha P.
Graduate Students Excellent Presentation award: Detail xylose decomposition mechanism in sub- and supercritical water (Meeting for the Society of Chemical Engineers Japan, Chugoku – Shikoku Branch, 2014/12)


Michiaki Inoue
2016-063867: Frame-by-frame Tracking Camera device (2017/10)
Zhang X.
2015-034063: LVQ Neural Network with Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture for Training and Recognition (2015/02)


Shree Kumar Maharjan
Assessing community-based adaptation in central and far-western Nepal, Lambert Academic publishing (2017)

Excellent Scholarship (Hiroshima University)

Anindita Maya Julungwangi, HE Bing, Imran Md. Masood, Das Swagata, Tomoko Oishi (Total 5 students)
Zollet Simona, Maharjan Shree Kumar, Zhang Linghan(Total 3 students)
Andhang Rakhmat Trihamdani, Nguyen Thanh Quan, Vu Ha Thu, Menoza Shikainnah Glow Dalumpines, Tunchai Mattana (Total 5 students)
Tunchai Mattana


Vu Ha Thu
The 10th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates (Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, 2018/3/12-15)
Qu Meng
Exhibition: Re-thinking the Island Soul – Mitarai’s Photography & Painting Exhibition (Hiroshima University Museum, 2018/12/14-2019/3/2)