Financial Support

Student Support

Students enrolled in the TAOYAKA Program will receive the following financial support. However, if a student withdraws from this program before its completion, the financial support shall be terminated at the time of the student’s withdrawal.

  • Scholarship without repayment requirement (estimated to be JPY 180,000 – 200,000 per month)
    • Students who have a specified amount of income (students receiving other scholarships /financial aid and working adult students) may not be able to receive this scholarship. (Japanese Government scholarship students who receive a scholarship must whether to receive this scholarship or their current scholarship.) Students not receiving this scholarship will be exempted from paying the admission fee and the tuition fee.
    • Because students who receive the scholarship without repayment requirement are mandated to dedicate themselves to this program, they are not allowed to engage in part-time jobs, etc., as a rule.
    • The amount of the scholarship without repayment requirement is reviewed every semester, based on each student’s academic performance, research progress, and other evaluation results.
    • Based on the University’s regulations, the amount of the scholarship without repayment requirement may be reduced, or the provision thereof may be suspended.
    • The scholarship is subject to taxation (income tax, resident tax). Recipients are required to be enrolled in National Health Insurance and National Pension Plan.
    • The scholarship will be provided until March 2020 (scholarships from April 2020 are undecided).
  • Other expenses that may be necessary for students to conduct their studies will be provided within the amount set by this program.
  • Information about support for students enrolled in the Taoyaka program: (pdf)

※ The above financial support is as of April 1st, 2015 and is subject to change.
※   As for tuition fees and tax amounts required over 5 years, please read this.
※ Students of Taoyaka Program who receive the scholarship need to pay the admission fee and tuition. However, the students are eligible for postponement of collection of the admission fee and tuition as follows.
  (1) The first semester: the payment must be made by the last day of August in the fiscal year.
  (2) The second semester: the payment must be made by the last day of February in the fiscal year.
※ The list of successful grant recipient as of April 2017 can be downloaded here: (pdf)

International Conference Support Grant

For students enrolled in the Taoyaka program,  the grant shall be provided to increase their opportunities to participate in international conferences. When the student make a presentation at an international conference (either an oral poster presentation), conference participation fee and transportation expenses shall be provided. (Up to 200,000 yen per student/year)

Research Activity Support Grant

For D3 to D5 students of Taoyaka Program, the grant shall be provided to work harder in their research activities and enable the nurturing of human resources to become future global leaders. (Up to 600,000 yen per student /for 3 years)