Michiaki Inoue

Name: Michiaki Inoue

Department: Graduate School of Engineering, Program in System Cybernetics
Course: Technical Creation Course
Research Field: High speed vision
Supervisor: Professor Ishii Idaku

Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

I studied C programming language in the Faculty of Engineering in Hiroshima University. I have made some programs like binary search trees program, production schedule program, and shortest route problem. In my graduate study, I studied high-speed vision atthe Robotics Laboratory of Hiroshima University. The high-speed vision can do real-time processing rates of 1000 frames/s or faster. I constructed a system, which consisted of high-speed vision and mirrors. It can take a clear photo from a moving vehicle. I want to use it to develop a system that can inspect the condition of roads and tunnel walls.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

I want to acquire communication knowledge with local people in local environment through the TAOYAKA program, to check whether this system can be used.  I also want to experience a lot of things in many locations of different countries. In my research, I constructed a system which has the ability to inspect the walls and roads from moving vehicles. I want to use this system to inspect the condition of roads and tunnel walls and help overcome the challenge of infrastructure in disadvantaged areas. Recently, in many developing countries, a huge number of roads and tunnels are being built quickly, and the original condition of roads and tunnels might be not so good. This system would be a big support.

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

I want to be an international leader. In order to contribute to the region in the international community, I want to acquire knowledge about practical abilities and leadership, such as how to steadily manage a project.  The Taoyaka program will provide training in autonomy, execution, mulita-faceted thinking and creativity. And in future, technical people will be required to have cross-cutting knowledge. So I will learn these things and become a researcher and project leader with a global sense.