Shin Daeyong

Department: Graduate School of International Development & Cooperation
Course: Social Implementation
Research Field: Agent-Based Modeling for optimized evacuation plan and decision support in coastal inundation
Supervisor: Associate Prof. LEE Han Soo

Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

My name is SHIN from the Republic of KOREA. My Academic background was based on Geography Education. After graduating undergraduate school course, I went to graduate school as a student in the master course. During this time, because of my interest that I want to apply the complex system to dynamic analysis in geography, I studied about Complex System and GIS.

After completing the master course, I had worked in the Safety Research Institute (SRI) as a researcher. During the SRI period, I had worked for applying my research results to a study region as the theoretical backgrounds and examples. In this process, I found that there is no borderline in natural hazards and disasters. Therefore, I wanted to study more about disaster prevention and decided to go abroad for further study on natural hazards and disaster mitigation.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

As I mentioned previously, I think there is no borderline in disaster. Disaster can occur everywhere not only developing countries but also developed countries. But when the disaster occurred, it makes the gap about disaster management between developed countries and developing countries. Generally, in the cases of developed countries, they can manage the disaster situation more than developing countries. Among several reasons causing this gap, one of the reasons is that there are few researches about optimized evacuation plan and decision support system under severe disaster conditions in developing countries. The purpose of this research is the development and application of Agent-Based Evacuation Model for decision making about the disaster management in the coastal region. The research that uses Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) is possible to help to establish an optimized evacuation plan for disaster management policy. Also, Netlogo program that is an open-source and multi-agent programmable modeling environment will be used in my study and needs fewer resources than other ABM programmable environments. Therefore, it will be helpful to the modeling research about the disaster in developing countries.

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

During TAOYAKA program, I want to research about optimized evacuation plan using ABM for disaster mitigation in developing countries. Through the case studies of this research, I want to make the common model that can be applied and adapted to other regions under similar disaster cases. Moreover I want to go to other countries and have more experiences to be a researcher to help the decision making and assessment about the disaster management. And after that, I want to establish a disaster management organization that help the regions with the disadvantages to manage disasters.