Hiroshi Zenitani

 Name: Hiroshi Zenitani
 Department: Graduate school of Engineering, Program in System Cybernetics
 Course: Technical Creation Course
 Research Field: Compact modeling of semiconductor devices for circuit simulation and circuit designing
 Supervisor: Hans Jurgen Mattausch

Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

My interest is renewable power application especially using solar panels. Before entering TAOYAKA program, I attended some TAOYAKA seminars, and learned the real situation of disadvantaged area in south Asia. Until that time, I had thought that solar panel is one of high technology and used only in advanced region. But, I was surprised that people in disadvantaged region were trying to introduce solar-home system. I felt limitless possibility of solar power and electronics technology.

When I was under graduate student, I studied semiconductor electronics and semiconductor device physics in Hiroshima University. Luckily, I became a member of current laboratory which is well-known for transistor modeling for circuit simulation certified as a world standard. I believe that the skill and knowledge of our laboratory give me good inspiration and future vision.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

My research topic is designing boost converter circuit with organic transistor for solar cell application. Various types of solar panel having been investigated, and each type has each advantage point. Organic solar cell has advantages; thin, flexible, light, printable, easier to fabricate…, but its power generation efficiency is still lower than inorganic one. My research goal is using boosting circuit, raising up the output from solar cell enough to charge batteries. If it becomes possible to make all operation circuits with organic material, the total cost will be lower. Moreover, it could be made by printing technology, which doesn’t need large facilities.

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

I would like to see the world with my own eyes. That is, I would like to proceed to disadvantaged areas of developing countries and really understand what kinds of technology are locally needed. TAOYAKA program will give me such opportunities. I believe one way to make best use of my experiences in this program is to work at a global company. After graduation, I hope to work in a company which focuses on not only pursuing the highest technology but also reverse innovation for developing regions. I want the people in disadvantaged region to know how wonderful and useful technology is. Therefore, in my future, I would like to engage in spreading and teaching usefulness of technology to younger generation including children.