Yuki Nakamura

 Name: Yuki Nakamura
 Department: Graduate School of Engineering, Program in System Cybernetics
 Course: Technical Creation Course
 Research Field: Electric Power System
 Supervisor: Prof. Naoto Yorino

Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

I entered Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University in 2010. And I was belong to Electric Power and Energy System Laboratory (EPESL). In this laboratory, research was focused on control and analysis of distributed generation in power systems. Especially, I studied inverter for power system interconnection. I received the Bachelor of Engineering in faculty of engineering, Hiroshima University, in 2014.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

My research is Pseudo-Synchronizing power VSC for Power system stabilization.
Generally, Renewable energy sources (RESs) connect to the conventional power systems by using power electronics device such as inverters or converters. However, in the present circumstance, the inverters cannot continue to operate as normal power supply mode when sudden changes of power consumption or instantaneous voltage drops occur by electrical transients in power systems. With rapid increasing the installation capacity of RESs, a number of power electronics devices will probably be necessary. In order to transmit the electric power stably and efficiently, we need to develop the inverter for high performance and large capacity. We propose the novel inverter model in order to contribute the power system stability by imitating the synchronizing power of the synchronous generator. PV can generate as a virtual synchronous generator, when there is enough amount of solar radiation. Thus, it can ensure the system stability in the past and PV can be installed in regions where the conventional system is weak.

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

I want to be a researcher in the company after graduating TAOYAKA program. I will make effective use of the spirit of reverse innovation learned in technology creation course, and also boost exchanges with senior engineer. At first, I will engage in cutting-edge research, and I will increase the knowledge and experience while working. Eventually, I would like to establish research program and develop products and technologies that can be used not only in disadvantage areas but developed countries.