Henriquez Millon Adriana Maria


 Name: Henriquez Millon Adriana Maria
 Department: Development Science
 Course: Social Implementation Course
 Research Field: Peace Education and Conflict Resolution
 Supervisor: Kawano Noriyuki


Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

I have been interested in Teaching of English as a Second Language since I was an elementary school student in Costa Rica, but it wasn’t until I got into the university that I learned about the different aspects that English teaching involved. During my undergraduate I learned about the variety of fields available in this branch of education, as well as to offer my students a second language which will allow them to communicate with people from different countries and also use the language as a tool for direct access to scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge, because English has become a universal language.

After working as an English teacher in different technical high schools for five years and analyzing the different responsibilities I had at my work, which required me to improve my skills and knowledge in curriculum and educative programs design, as well as in the advisory area for the different technical fields available in the area, that I took the decision to enroll on a master program in Technical Education in the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, obtaining my masteral degree in 2011. I do consider that Technical Education should be reinforced and the Ministry of Public Education should adopt new models into the Costa Rican Curriculum to enhance and include technology and the language learning into this approach, to enrich this field of education and the vocational training as well.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

The future research will take Los Chiles, Alajuela, Costa Rica and border town not yet define by the faculty meeting and myself in Bangladesh, Nepal or India, it will be a comparative research study. The research will use education as a tool to transform the life of students in both areas, focusing on peace education and nonviolence in order to provide the young generations with a holistic understanding on how to transform a culture of violence into a peaceful culture, contextualized to the reality of the places selected, because the two strands mentioned before represent an opportunity to use strategies and implement methodologies  to reduce the violence at the school and high school level and the local community as well, by providing and ensuring a to people a peaceful  and just environment.

Peace education is going to provide an improvement in the qualifying human resource in the areas, but in order to reach this goal it will be necessary to look for new models of pedagogical mediation, with a more democratic sense and less authoritarian methods  and tactics, increasing the  student`s participation  and teaching them strategies and techniques to deal with conflicts in a nonviolent way.

The research will use education as a tool to transform the life

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

My main goal is to become a Social Implementation Innovator as a development educator, peace education activist and lecturer, first I will seek for a job that is suitable for my qualification and get a good salary that can fulfill my needs and son needs. I want to consider myself a problem solving person, that will positioned me to take advantage of the best opportunities available, also being flexible will allow me to choose the right path and overcome all the challenges ahead. A postdoctoral research period is also in future plans.