Thakur Gajender

Name: Thakur Gajender
Graduate school of Letters
Course: Cultural Creation course
Research Field: Social Security and Humanities
Supervisor: Professor TOMOZAWA Kazuo


Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

Iam very grateful to Hiroshima University and I want to do my best as a student of TAOYAKA Program for creating a flexible, enduring and peaceful society. Prior to enroll as a TAOYAKA student I have completed my graduation in Political Science from University of Delhi, after that I got my Master of Philosophy Degree from Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi in Japanese Studies. During completion of this course I got information about various aspects of East Asian countries but I primarily focused at Japan Social Security System. I also submitted a thesis titled “The Role of Japan towards the Development of Welfare State System: Regarding Social Security Policies for Aging Society” for the coming students and academician who are interested to work in social welfare sector of Japan. I learned Japanese Language from the above mentioned department and successfully completed the course; Diploma in Japanese Language. I also did Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N4 and now I am preparing for Level N3. I am learning Japanese Language because I believe, it is essential and if we want to access deep and authentic information about any society we must equipped with communications skills of related society. Here, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi; all the professors and staff who encourage me to achieve my academic goals. I will be always grateful to Dr. Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya, and Dr. Rajiv Ranjan who support me whenever I need their guidance in academic. Now, I am a student of TAOYAKA Program, Hiroshima University and I am grateful to all the Professors and staff of TAOYAKA Program. I hope and believe I will contribute in academic and welfare sector through the opportunity of this program and blessing of my parents who loves and support me unconditionally.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

TAOYAKA program of Hiroshima University is an opportunity for me to understand the Japanese culture and society. I am working on Social Security of Aging Society of Japan with comparative study of South Asian Counties and Special focus at India. TAOYAKA program will be helpful for me to do concrete research on aging society of Japan and it is an opportunity to study the modern or develop method of welfare facilities, which could be possible to implement for aging society in South Asian Countries. I am very hopeful to achieve a positive social welfare research from TAOYAKA program and it will be surely, significance research work for the coming academician and society of India and Japan. My area of research is aging society and the welfare system of Japan. Undoubtedly, Japan’s social security system is maintaining the high level of welfare arrangements for the aging society same as developed countries. The Japan’s social security system can be compared with the social security systems of the developed western countries, like Canada and America. However, the Japanese Government in this regard needs to create appropriate policies for the coordination between Japan’s declining birthrate and growing elderly-population. Rapidly growing elderly population in Japan is mainly due to low birth rate and improved health facilities provided to citizens by the Japanese government. Declining birthrate in Japan is certainly a matter of concern for providing social welfare to elderly. Youth population is shirking in Japan more rapidly from the last thirty years in comparison to European countries and America. In 1950, the birth rate in Japan was 3.0, which was down up to 1.0 in 2010.

Japan has initiated improved systems and laws for the elderly, as a result of these arrangements, Japanese Government has tried to provide security and prosperity to elderly. However, these efforts of Japanese Government in the terms of providing social security to aging society is remarkable but necessary steps still remaining for the development of social security of the elderly in Japan; whose needs will be more to overcome the problems related to aging society. TAOYAKA Program provide onsite visit opportunities to their students, I believe it is program which assist the researcher to connect and explore the Japanese society deeply. I hope through this opportunity; I will complete my research work, after that I will be able to contribute in academic and for the welfare sector of Japan and South Asian Countries.

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

After the completion of TAOYAKA program, I would like to contribute in academic research of Humanities and Social Science, through publish articles in International Japanese Studies Journal such as The Journal of Asian Studies and The Journal of Japanese Studies. I am in the process to publish article related to this research work in The Journal of Delhi University and some think tanks related to Japanese Studies in India. The Journal of Gerontology Studies is promoting such research work in academic, I will surely do effort to publish article in this International Journal. I am planning to publish a book with the help of professors of University of Delhi and Scholar of Japanese Social Studies in the field of Welfare Studies or Gerontology Studies in Japan, India and other South Asian Countries. I will present the outcome of this research work for the students and scholars at University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Japan Foundation Seminar Series and other think tanks. I would like to contribute in Japanese Welfare Sector and I will surely do efforts to promote Japanese Studies in India.