(Jan. 10)The 134th TAOYAKA Program Seminar

The 134th TAOYAKA Program Semianar

The 134th TAOYAKA Program Semianar will be held as follows.

■ Time & Date: 9:45-12:00, Thursday, January 10, 2019
■ Venue: A1-141, Graduate School of Engineering
■ Theme: 1. Laser-Based 3D Scene Modeling and Understanding for Autonomous Robots in Large-Scale Open Environments
                     2. Intelligence Vision Inspection Algorithm and Its Applications
■ Lecturer : 1. Prof. Zhuang Yan, Dalian University of Technology
                      2. Associate Prof. Yang Hua, Huazong University of Science and TechnologyCanada
■ Language: English
■ Object Persons:Students and Teachers
■ Contact:Technical Creation Course Office, TAOYAKA Program, Hiroshima                        University
  E-mail:taoyaka-tech-sect★ml.hiroshima-u.ac.jp( Please replace{at}with @.)
     Tel: 082-424-4597