taoyaka program seminar 2016

No Date Time Venue Title
65 2016/4/7 10:00-11:30 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering High-Speed Template Matching Algorithms and Its Applications / Yang Hua, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University
66 2016/4/27 14:35-16:05 Room 204 , IDEC
  1. ” Housing in Mumbai: Trade- offs between accessibility, affordability and informality” / Arnab Jana, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  2. “Urban Transformation in Ahmedabad City”, Prof. Prem Pangotra / Prem Pangotra, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
67 2016/5/18 16:20-17:50 Room 204 , IDEC A reconciled estimate of 20th century global mean sea-level rise / -Ing. Sönke Dangendorf, University of Siegen, Germany
68 2016/5/27 17:00~18:30 IDEC Room203 International Survey on Subjective Analysis / Shunsuke Managi, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
69 2016/6/10 16:20-17:50 Taoyaka Class Room “Smart village park design with solar power in Kodani region of Higashi-hiroshima”
  1. Current Status and Future Issues of Rural Area Town Planning, in Higashi-Hiroshima / Kaguri Takeo, Kodani district Machizukuri Kyogikai
  2. Technology of solar photovoltaics and regional development / Date Yoshiaki, Energia Solution & Service Co.
  3. Village Park Kodani Project / Yorino Naoto, Graduate School of Engineering
70 2016/6/28 15:00-17:00 Small conference room, IDEC
  1. Nutritional security and health benefits of ethnic foods in India and Nepal / Jyoti Prakash Tamang, School of Life Sciences, Sikkim University
  2. Methods of fish preservation for nutrition in Nepal and India / Namrata Thapa Tamang, Department of Zoology, Sikkim University
71 2016/7/15 15:00-17:00 Large conference room, IDEC ICT-based Development for Disadvantaged Regions / Yinhai Wang, University of Washington, USA
72 2016/7/14 15:00-16:30 Large conference room, IDEC Land and food security question in Nepal, Can civil society initiatives be helpful in changing the situation? / Suresh Dhakal, Kyoto University
73 2016/7/6 16:20-17:50 B3-108, Graduate school of engineering On going Projects at BITS Pilani (Considering Social, Industrial and Futuristic Challenges) / Karunesh Kumar Gupta, Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering BITS, Pilani
74 2016/8/5 16:30-18:00 Small conference room, IDEC The displacement effect of convenience: the case of recycling / Shasikanta Nandeibam, Department of Economics,University of Bath
75 2016/9/5 14:35-16:05 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering See the Unseen: Computational Visual Sensing and Display at High Speed / Watanabe Yoshihiro, Tokyo University
76 2016/9/12 14:35-16:05 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Holographic display and super multi-view display / Takaki Yasuhiro, Tokyo University
77 2016/9/14 10:30-12:00 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering High-speed Dexterous Manipulation System / Namiki Akio, Chiba University
78 2016/9/29 16:30-18:00 Large conference room, Graduate school of letters What kind of competition matters? Oil prices, concentration, and airfares / Volodymyr Bilotkach, Newcastle University and Hiroshima University
79 2016/10/4 12:50-14:20 Large conference room, Graduate school of letters Rural restructuring in developing countries: Theory and practice / Hualou LONG, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
80 2016/10/17 16:30-18:30 Room 204, IDEC Airport structure, governance and strategy: effects on performance / Juergen Mueller, Berlin School of Economics
81 2016/11/4 14:35-16:05 Room 201, IDEC Beach Management and Background Erosion Control against Climate and Human-induced Changes / Jung Lyul Lee, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Korea
82 2016/11/18 14:35-16:05 1st Meeting room, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences Technological Strategy and Work Style at Global Enterprise -for Future leaders- / Rieko Kataoka, IBM Japan, Ltd. Tokyo Laboratory
83 2016/10/28 12:50-14:20 Large conference room, IDEC Post Vietnam War: Rebuilding Bridges after Devastation / Le Ly Hayslip, Author of the Director Oliver stone Movie “Heaven and Earth”
84 2016/11/10 16:30-18:00 Large conference room, IDEC A comparative empirical analysis of the determinants of initiation of integrated reporting practices in Japanese and UK listed companies: the view of voluntary disclosure theory or legitimacy theory / Kimitaka Nishitani, The Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University
85 2016/11/21 16:20-17:50 Room K-204, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences Cruise Tourism in a Remote Small Island – High Yield and Low Impact / Joseph M. Cheer, Monash University
86 2016/11/29 12:50-14:20 Large conference room, Graduate school of letters The meaningful construction of geographical realities. From spatial science to action-centered research / Benno Werlen, The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)
87 2016/11/29 14:35-16:30 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Research progress of the CMOS image sensor
  1. High-definition, high dynamic range, low power CMOS Image sensor / Wang Hui, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science
  2. Study on the ultra-low power CMOS image sensor for wearable applications / Zhang Qi, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science
  3. Research on the high sensitivity CMOS image sensor for digital PCR / Tian Li, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science
88 2016/12/5 14:35-16:05 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Human-Computer & Brain-Computer interfaces for Multi-model Interaction / Jagdish Lal Raheja, CSIR-CEERI
89 2016/12/13 14:35-16:05 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Research for Understanding and Improving Human Neuromotor Capabilities / Minoru Shinohara, Georgia Institute of Technology
90 2016/12/14 10:30-12:00 Large conference room, IDEC Customisation of Solar Power Plant / Rajeev Gyani, Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA)
91 2016/11/24 16:30-17:30 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Recent Research Activities in IIEST / Hafizur Rahaman, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India
92 2016/12/16 17:00-18:30 Large conference room, IDEC The Impact of Marriage Dissolution on Children’s Education Outcome: The Case of Mexico / Ikuko Kochi, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
93 2016/12/19 9:00-10:30 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering
  1. The Agent-based Diffusion Model on a Combined Social Network for Marketing, Health and Education / Setsuya Kurahasi, Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba
  2. Real-coded Evolutionary Computation for Black-box Optimization / Ono Isao, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
94 2017/1/18 16:20-17:50 Room B251, Graduate school of letters What does Empowerment Mean? ~from 10-years-experience of projects in South India / Kyoko Maekawa, Mura no Mirai
95 2017/1/11 8:45-10:15 A1-141, Graduate school of engineering Technology Selection and Human Resource Readiness related to Technology Transfer / Iwan Inrawan Wiratmadja, Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Industrial Technology Institut Teknologi Bandung
96 2017/2/14 14:35-16:05 Taoyaka Classroom A new maintenance technology of railway track in Japan / Gaku Ehara, JR West
97 2017/2/15 17:00-18:30 IDEC Room 405 Mental Health Cost of terrorism: Study of the charlie hebdo attack in Paris / Albert Kim, SOGANG UNIVERSITY
98 2017/2/17 10:30-12:00 Large conference room, IDEC Built environment and travel behavior: Validation and application of a continuous-treatment propensity score stratification method / Giancarlos Troncoso Parady, Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo
99 2017/2/17 16:00-17:30 Room 204, IDEC Is the idea of the thing in the thing itself?: The ethics of technology transfer and “onsite reverse innovation” / Andrew Oberg, University of Kochi
100 2017/2/27 14:30-16:00 A1-111, Graduate school of engineering High-speed Visual Tracking with Application to Projection Mapping / Shingo Kagami, Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences
101 2017/3/1 16:30-18:00 Large conference room, IDEC An Industrial-Organization Approach to Mondy and Banking / Hiroshi Gunji, Daito Bunka University
102 2017/3/1 15:00-16:30 A1-105, Graduate school of engineering Internet of Things and Their Applications for morning Infrastructure and Health Prediction / Kota Slomon Raju, CSIR-CEERI

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