taoyaka program seminar 2019

No Date Title
163 2020/2/28 The Journey of becoming a Social Enterprise / Neha Juneja, Co-founder, Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt. Ltd
162 2020/2/13 The Teacher Supply in Latin America: A Review of Research / Paula Razquin, Hiroshima University, Visiting Professor/Universidad de San Andrés, Professor-Researcher (Assistant Professor)
161 2020/1/29 Human-macaque coexistence: Case studies from China and Bhutan / Lori K. Sheeran, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies Primate Behavior and Ecology Program, Central Washington University
160 2019/12/20 Energy and Environmental Challenges: R&D Efforts at CSIR-NEERINitin Kumar Labhasetwar, Chief Scientist & Head, Energy & Resource Management Division, CSIR-NEERI and Professor AcSIR
159 2019/12/20 Watershed? The Historical Evolution of American Internationalism and the ProspectSeiko Mimaki, Associate Professor, Takasaki City University of Economics
158 2020/2/4 Climate Change Migration and Urban Conflict /  Vally Koubi, Professor, The Institute of Economics, University of Bern
157 2019/11/5 Agricultural development programs and their implications in Nepal / Kul Prasad Dawadi, Crop Development Officer Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Nepal
156 2019/11/8 Sustainable wildlife tourism in Asia and Australia / Ronda J. Green, PhD, Wildlife Tourism Australia Inc. & Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University, Australia
155 2019/10/28 From North & South poles to artificial Intelligence / Marek Kaminski,
Extreme explorer, Innovator, Philosopher, and Guinness World Record holder to walk from the North to South pole without support
154 2019/9/17 Green and grey energy transitions / Thomas Brudermann, Assistant professor, University of Graz
153 2019/9/9 To compete or not compete: exploring the relationships between motorcycle-based ride-sourcing, motorcycle taxis, and public transport in the Jakarta metropolitan area / Prawira Fajarindra Belgiawan, School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung
152 2019/9/9 A review on our work about laboratory animal behavior analysis based on high-speed vision / Yuman Nie, Associate Professor, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
151 2019/8/16 Using mobile phone data in Bangladesh and Senegal to develop transport models / Stephane HESS
150 2019/7/31 The Anthropology of Hope and Futurity / Hirokazu Miyazaki,Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University
149 2019/6/19 Hope and Futurity / Hirokazu Miyazaki,Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University
148 2019/6/12 Hope and Futurity / Hirokazu Miyazaki,Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University
147 2019/6/21 Our places for our people: Knowledge ties between Jhih Shan High School and the National Taiwan University / Shenglin Elijah Chang, College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University, (Ph.D., Tea farmer, Professor and Deputy CEO)
146 2019/6/12 Future of Memory Technology / Naga Chandrasekaran, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Process Research and Development, Micron Technology, Inc.
145 2019/5/20 Behavioral mechanism design for transportation services / Yusuke Hara, Ph.D., Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)
144 2019/5/10 The value of slow travel: Economic appraisal of cycling projects using the logsum measure of consumer surplus / Stephen Greaves, The University of Sydney
143 2019/4/26 Application of Deep Learning techniques to study urban road scapes / Arnab Jana, Assistant Professor, Centre for Urban Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
142 2019/4/2 Fusion Strategies for Incorporating Phasor Measurements into Power System State Estimation with Enhanced Bad Data Rejection Properties / Antonio Simoes Costa, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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