Tang Zhengmi

Department: Graduate School of Engineering , Program in System Cybernetics
Course: Technical Creation Course
Research Field: High Speed Vision
Supervisor: Prof. Idaku Ishii

Career and Academic Background before TAOYAKA Program

I got Bachelor degree in Xidian University in China. My undergraduate major was industrial design, and I learned about Linear Algebra, Advanced mathematics, General Physics, Mechanical design and manufacturing, Fundamentals of Circuit, C Language programming and so on. Our majors’ goal is to solve all kinds of problems according to the users’ need when we design products. I think this experience will be valuable for me while in Taoyaka Program, since Taoyaka Program have same idea as well.

Research Plan in TAOYAKA Program

I am planning to use high-speed vision to capture the buildings’ vibration, and then analyze the vibrations wave patterns to inspect the structure of the buildings. Lack of buildings’ standards in many developing countries lead to lots of poorly designed buildings that will collapse when earthquakes or other natural disasters strike. To reduce the number of death and the loss of property, we need to find the potential dangerous buildings and fix them or remove them in case of the earthquakes. If this research will be successful, it also can help to check and protect historic site and old buildings, like many ancient temples in Japan.

Career Plan after TAOYAKA Program

I want to be a person who is not just a technician, but also a problem solver. Only developing new technologies cannot make people live a better life, by applying those new technologies to the people they need, we can really help them and make a better world. A problem solver can integrate resources and take advantage of all kinds of the resources according to the different situations. I would rather be a leader who is active on the spot. I can communicate with local people to find what they require, and can conduct field investigation to find the problems in local areas. I will utilize what I learn from TAOYAKA Program to help the people in disadvantaged areas to make a more peaceful world. I would like to promote the practical technology in those places both as a researcher and as a leader in the future.

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