Two Taoyaka students received the awards at HIRAKU 3 minutes competition!

Two Taoyaka students received the awards at HIRAKU 3 minutes competition!

“HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2017” was successfully held on Saturday, November 25, 2017 at Higashi Hiroshima Arts& Culture Hall (Kurara). 36 doctorate students from 10 universities showcased their research in front of 260 people as public audience, with a single presentation slide in limited three minutes.

4 Taoyaka students joined the competition and 2 students received the awards. Congratulations!

Novi Syaftika(D5, Graduate school of Engineering, Technical creation course)
Title: Fueling your car with garbage and wastewater: possible?
Winner, People’s Choice – Gold (English Section), Sponsor awards (Springer Nature Award)

“I have an interest in public speaking so when I heard about this competition, it instantly attracted my attention. My motivation was mainly training myself to improve my presentation skill. Presenting about PhD research in 3 minutes was very challenging. We have to be able to deliver the message in an attractive way to the audience who come from different background, also who are non-native and native English speakers in a very short time. I revised the slide and the script several times, and the last hardest part is to memorize the script and conquer the nervous feeling. I was lucky that some friends helped me practicing and improving my performance. It was an honor to represent Taoyaka and Hiroshima University. Receiving 3 awards at once was unbelievable! However, conquering fear, gaining experience, and expanding network are the achievements that I believe obtained by all contestants. It gave me the motivation to keep learning and improving myself. It was the most unforgettable 3 minutes in my life! Thank you for all the support!”


Zenitani Hiroshi(D4, Graduate school of Engineering, Technical creation course)
Title: Organic solar PV plays an active part at the disadvantaged area in the world !?
Sponsor awards (JSW Awards)

“It was not easy to condense my research into only 3 minutes speech. But preparation itself gave me an opportunity to reconsider the meaning and the importance of my own research. The contents of my speech had been made clearly by asking myself “What do I really want to convey to the audience?”
This time I dared to make my speech cover not only my research regarding photovoltaics but also the rich experience of TAOYAKA onsite team project. I really hope that the audience understood through my speech even just a little about the people and their quality of life in disadvantaged areas.”









HIRAKU 3MT Competition 2017