2022.10.28 NEWS

(Oct. 31th&Nov. 1st) One of our students will be featured on the NHK World Japan

One of the Taoyaka students, Mr. Thomas Michael Kloepfer will be featured on the  NHK World Japan.

Mr. Kloepfer has been managing organic farm beside academic activity, and it will be featured on the program.



Cultivating Land and Community 

Date and time:
October 31, 2022   9:30 – 10:00 / 14:30 – 15:00 / 19:30 – 20:00
November 1, 2022  0:30 – 1:00 / 6:30 – 7:00


2022.09.29 NEWS

Conducted an Onsite Training

We held an Onsite Training from August 22nd to 27th. The detailed report is posted on the Hiroshima University website. Please check that out.


*This program was funded by the “International Youth Science Exchange Program (Sakura Science Program)” sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

2022.07.25 NEWS

TAOYAKA Program for creating a flexible, enduring, peaceful society will form the final cohort in Academic year 2022.

TAOYAKA Program will not be accepting applications for the academic year 2023 and beyond.

Hiroshima University will establish Graduate School of Innovation and Practice for Smart Society in April 2023.

Application Guidelines for April and October 2023 enrollment will be released around the middle of August 2022.



Support Office for the fields of International Development and Cooperation

E-mail:smart-society* replace * with @)

2022.04.18 NEWS

The research effort by one of our alumni has been published on the HIROSHIMA UNIVERSITY UPDATE

One of our alumni, Dr. Qu Meng, has been working at Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences as an assistant professor. The research effort by Prof. Qu has been published on the public relations magazine, HIROSHIMA UNIVERSITY UPDATE (Spring 2022).

Prof. Qu’s research topics include socially engaged art festivals, relational aesthetics, creative in-migrants, sustainability, and rural revitalization. His current research aims at producing an interdisciplinary nexus on rural revitalization by focusing on creative tourism initiatives to revitalize communities in peripheral areas.

Please check out the magazine at the URL below.

(p. 12, “An aging Japanese island’s lessons on the future of sustainable travel”)

2021.10.07 NEWS

New Student Guidance (September 28) and Taoyaka Coffee Connect (October 5) were held.

Taoyaka Program for creating a flexible, enduring, peaceful society welcomed two new students in October 2021, and held a new student guidance session online on September 28.

Wang Jiahua (China)
(Five-year course) Master’s course in Division of Advanced Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
Cabrera Jonathan Salar (Philippines)
(Transfer student into 3rd year) Doctoral Course in Division of Advanced Science and Engineering of Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

At the Taoyaka Coffee Connect on October 5, we welcomed Lovisa, a senior Taoyaka student, they introduced themselves to each other and their research projects. They also received advice from the senior student about their future life at Hiroshima University and interacted in a relaxing time. At the end of the session, they promised to meet again in Hiroshima.

2021.09.29 NEWS

Taoyaka Program Student, Mr.Yoshioka , Asssoc. Prof. Chikaraishi, and Program Coordinator Prof.Fujiwara were awarded as EASTS2021 Best Paper Award for Discovering interesting facts.

1st year Master Student, Mr.Yoshioka Taisei (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program), Assoc. Prof. Chikaraishi Makoto, and Program Coordinator Prof.Fujiwara Akimasa were awarded as EASTS2021 Best Paper Award for Discovering interesting facts at The 14th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS).

Paper Title:Empirical Models of Consumer and Merchant Behavior in the Two-Sided Market of Local Currency (Award date: September 14, 2021)

2021.08.20 NEWS

Taoyaka’s Program Coordinator Prof.Fujiwara received the 2020 International Conference Invitation and Hosting Contribution Award (International Conference Invitation Category) as the chairperson of the 14th International Conference of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS).

The 14th International Conference of EASTS is scheduled to be held on September 12-15, 2021 in Hiroshima, Japan.

2021.08.20 NEWS

Alumni projects were adopted as Hiroshima University’s FY2021 Community Genki Support Project.

Qu Meng

Documentary Film Project for Revitalizing the Island Region

Zollet Simona

Development of Migration Experience Tour × Tobishima Life

2021.03.24 NEWS

Taoyaka Program completion ceremony was held

Taoyaka Program completion ceremony was held on March 23rd and 3 students were celebrated by their friends, faculty members and staff on their accomplishment and their completion of the program.
Professor Fujiwara, program coordinator, encouraged the graduating students to take an active role in the society as a global leader from now on. He also extended respect for them for the efforts and hard work they put in the program especially in this past year when their research activities were greatly affected by COVID-19.
We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

2021.01.06 NEWS

TAOYAKA students’ dedication contribute to the success of online study program between Japan and India

Four TAOYAKA students played an important role in a short-term joint study program between HU and two institutions in India which was, for the first time, held online.
The program designed for undergraduate students was organized by International Linkage Degree Program (ILDP)  and participated by students from HU, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and Birla Institute of Technology Pilani between December 15 and 23, 2020.
TAOYAKA students: Kumar Deepak (D5), Dastgir Ghulam Khan (D4), Clarisse Gonzalvo (D3), and Priyanka Ramasamy (D2) contributed to the success of the study program as a teaching assistant and demonstrated their leadership by facilitating group discussions and active participation throughout the program.

For more information, visit Hiroshima University website:
International Linkage Degree Program Held a Training on SDGs and Social Technologies

Group photo During group work

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