2020.04.13 NEWS

Mentor interview article has been added – Prof. Kurita, Technical Creation Course –

Prof. Kurita’s interview article has been newly added.

Prof. Yuichi KURITA, Technical Creation Course
Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program, Division of Advanced Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Interview article:
Necessity to make use of new engineering technologies such as motion assist even in disadvantaged areas

2020.03.23 NEWS

Completion ceremony was held on March 23rd

Taoyaka Program completion ceremony was carried out on March 23rd and 8 students were celebrated by their friends, faculty members and staff on their accomplishment and their completion of the program.
Professor Miyatani, program director, encouraged the graduating students to take an active role in the society as a global leader from now on and extended respect to them for the efforts and hard work they put in the program.
We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

2020.01.24 NEWS

Mentor Interview article of Assistant Professor Rie USUI (Cultural Creation Course) has been posted.

Assistant Professor Rie USUI
“Searching for the seeds of on-site reverse innovation in the field of animal geography”

2020.01.17 NEWS

(Feb. 4) The 158th Taoyaka Program Seminar will be held

The 158th Taoyaka Program Seminar will be held as follows. Admission free and no pre-registration is needed. Feel free to join the seminar.

■ Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 14:00-17:15
■ Venue:Large Conference Room, IDEC Hiroshima University
■ Program:

14:00-14:45 Climate Change Migration and Urban Conflict: Vally Koubi

14:45-15:30 Gender differences in associations of household and ambient air pollution with child health:
     Evidence from household and satellite-based data in Bangladesh
:Akira Hibiki

15:45-16:30 Environment, Peace, & Security: Overcoming conflict to achieve the 2030 Sustainability Agenda
     Joshua Fisher

16:30-17:15 Searching for Soft Power in Experiments: Confirmation Bias, Leader Cues, and Negativity
     in Public Diplomacy
: Shouko Kohama
■ Language: English
158Taoyaka Program Seminar Program



2020.01.09 NEWS

TAOYAKA Newsletter <Flexibility, Endurability, and Peace> Vol.11 (Winter 2020) has been published.

Vol.11 (Winter 2019) (PDF 1.8MB)
  • Onsite Training in Mitarai village, Osakishimojima Island
  • Message from Graduates
  • Opening Ceremony / Introduction of New Students
  • Dialogue with Ms. Setsuko Thurlow
  • International Workshop (Team 13 Onsite Team Project Report)

To read the back number, click here.

2019.12.06 NEWS

(March.4th-6th, 2020) 3rd International Symposium on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ISDCS) will be held in India

(March.4th-6th, 2020) 3rd International Symposium on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ISDCS) will be held in India

■ Date:March 4th-6th, 2020
■ Venue:Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (Kolkata), India
P.O. – Botanic Garden Howrah – 711 103 West Bengal, India
■ :Micro- & Nano- Electronic Devices and Systems (MNEDS)
■ Language:English
■ Symposium URL :
For the details, please refer to PDF and URL
■ Contact:contact.isdcs2020[at]
(replace [at]to @)

• Device Physics and Modeling
• Nano-Structures Based Devices and Its Application
• Power Electronic Device, Circuits and Systems
• Photonics and Optoelectronics
• Embedded Devices (Logic + Memory- Memristor Based)
• Beyond CMOS: Nano Devices, Circuits & Hybrid Systems
• Analog / Mixed Signal Circuits &Systems
• Test and Verification
• Communications Circuits & Systems
• Neural Networks & Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems
• Visual Communications & Multimedia Signal Processing
• Internet of Things Circuits and Systems
• Cyber Physical System(CPS)
• EDA Methodologies
• Hardware Security
• 3D IC Design and Test
• Biomedical Circuits &Systems
• Digital Circuits &Systems
• Digital Signal Processing
• Nonlinear Systems & Circuit Theory
• Sensory Circuits &Systems
• Algorithms and Circuit implementations for AI and Machine Learning
• Photonics and Renewal Energy

The ISDCS’20 Program Committee invites original, unpublished paper submissions on the above topics.
How to submit:PDF
Submission link:

<Key Dates>
Submission due date: Dec.15th, 2019
Notification of acceptance:Dec.31st, 2019
Camera ready manuscript:Jan. 15th, 2020
Workshop:March 4th,2020
Symposium:March 5-6th, 2020












2019.10.17 NEWS

(Sep.19) Taoyaka Seminar in Tokyo wad held

  The Taoyaka Program held a seminar at the Campus Innovation Center Tokyo to introduce the program and recruit students. At the opening of the meeting, Mr. Atsushi Uchida, Deputy Director, Infrastructure and Peacebuilding Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), gave a greeting.
  This seminar was co-sponsored with the IDEC degree acquisition seminar. First, Professor Mari Katayanagi and Professor Kinya Shimizu of the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) explained about research and degree acquisition in the field of peace and education, respectively.
  Next, an overview of the program was given by assistant professor Rie Usui, Graduate School of Letters, who completed the program, and research introductions were given by faculty members of the Cultural Creation, Technical Creation, and Social Implementation Courses. Professor Funck Carolin, in charge of the Cultural Creation Course, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences gave a research introduction entitled “How will international tourism influence less-favored areas in Japan?”, Professor Yuichi Kurita, Technical Creation Course, Graduate School of Engineering, explained his research introduction entitled “Physical assistive system using robotics, VR, and AI technology”, Prof. Akimasa Fujiwara, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation gave a research introduction entitled “Can self-driving technology save disadvantaged areas?” as well.
  After that, Hiroshi Zenitani from RICOH Company, Ltd., a program graduate, explained the experience of the program and the career after the completion.
  Finally, we received a closing remark from Mr. Akira Sudo, Director General for the Program, Cabinet Office.
  On that day, there were about 20 general participants including students from Nagoya University and Keio University as well as participants from general companies. In the seminar, in support and development for conditionally disadvantaged areas in Japan and overseas, we visit the local community, listen to local needs, use new science and technology and cross-sectoral knowledge, the necessity to solve the problem and the specific measures were discussed.












2019.10.16 NEWS

(Oct. 3) Taoyaka Program Opening Ceremony wad held

We would like to extend a warm welcome to 3 students admitted to TAOYAKA program, October 3, 2019. Congratulations.

As of October 3rd, we have 47 students in our program from 16 countries.
We wish everyone all the best and the successful semester!










2019.09.25 NEWS

Completion ceremony was held on September 20th

Taoyaka Program completion ceremony was carried out on September 20th and 6 students of the second graduating class were celebrated by faculty members and staff, and their family and friends on their accomplishment and their completion of the program.

Professor Miyatani, program director, encouraged the graduating students to take an active role in the society as a global leader from now on and extended respect to them for the efforts and hard work they put in the program.

We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.





2019.09.03 NEWS

(Aug. 25) Student Symposium Community-oriented tourism in Mitarai, Seto Inland Sea was held

Taoyaka Program and Kure city government held a student symposium on August 25th as a conclusive presentation of the Onsite Training conducted in Mitarai district, Yutaka-machi, Kure-city between August 17th and 25th. There was also a panel discussion session in the symposium and around 80 people attended the symposium.

Participants of the Onsite Training are graduate students from 4 institutions in India (IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, BITS Pilani, and IIM Ahmedabad),  The University of Texas at Austin, and Doshisha University as well as Taoyaka Program students. The entire group consist of 33 participants from total 6 institutions. Participants were divided into groups with multinational group members and worked together to make suggestions of tourism development in depopulating Mitarai district while staying there. At the conclusive presentation, students made a wide range of suggestions such as collecting tourists’ information using free wifi and smartphone apps or repurposing town people’s daily activities into tourist activities.

Panel discussion was themed as “Community Planning in Beautiful with Nature, Culture and History”. Professor Fujiwara, the moderator of the symposium, Professor Nakagoshi, Professor Cheer and Professor Emeritus Pangtora, they talked about natural environment of Seto Inrand, a global trend of tourism development of islands, sustainable tourism and economy. Also, Mr. Kazuo Omori, Manager of Planning Division of Kure city, Ms. Kayo Shimomura, Manager of Tourism Promotion Division of Kure city, Assistant Professor Rie Usui and 3 students joined the talks and they discussed the sustainable tourism business in islands. In their opinion, viewing the tourism policy from a point of view, which enhanced the satisfaction of local people is needed and it would attract tourists more. Also, they discussed the importance of the approach considered broad-area economic zones. Additionally, they discussed the scientific technology required to Hiroshima University, such as autonomous driving or digital preservation of cultural properties and social contribution.

At the closing remarks, Mr. Shinhara, the Mayer of Kure city mentioned that he draws on opinion from multinationals and experts to future town development and hope to Hiroshima University.

Student Symposium

Panel Discussion

Group Work 

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