(Feb. 27) Career Exploration and Advising Session was held

Career Exploration and Advising Session was held on February 27, 2018.

 The program invited Dr. David Eaton, one of professional mentor from University of Texas, and held a career exploration and advising session on February 27, 2018.
The session began with a brief introduction by Dr. Eaton’s on his career path and academic background. Then, after all participated students’ brief introduction of their academic backgrounds, the two of TAOYAKA program students had an opportunity to present their current research and received specific and valuable advice from the Professor. The presenters also had a chance to receive feedback from other participants from their field of expert point of view.

At the end of session, Dr. Eaton provide some comments to all participants. That is, before the graduation, students are recommended to:
1) attend many professional meetings and develop academic networking, 2) have your scientific papers whenever you have a possible chance to meet professionals in your fields, and 3) find grant sources for your research fund and fundraising skills. As for his recommendation #3, Dr. Eaton offered TAOYAKA students to attend his class called, “Fundraising for Nonprofit and Public Sectors” which will be held every summer.

The Session was successfully finished and all participants had a chance to receive constructive feedback and advice for their future career.