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Conducted Onsite Training

Conducted Onsite Training

Onsite training was held in India (Rajasthan) from August 12th to 17th. The purpose of the Onsite Training is to learn about the unique cultural characteristics of local communities and their approaches to overcoming technological challenges, as well as their attitudes toward acquiring with such challenges, through short-term stays in disadvantaged areas in Japan and abroad and the study of specific case studies.

This training was held jointly with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (Rajasthan, India). The theme of the training was “Forest-based entrepreneurship opportunities and forest in international carbon trading contributing to the livelihood upliftment of forest-dependent households in India” and a total of 10 students participated. Participants received online lectures from researchers and NGO staff who specialize in forest conservation and management in India, and the founders of start-up companies that contribute to securing employment for households and women whose livelihoods depend on forest resources, and to international carbon trading. In the training held at the BITS Pilani-Pilani campus, participants conducted an interview survey with forest management officials and local residents in the Khetri Bansyal Conservation Reserve area. The visit to the conservation reserve was carried out in cooperation with the local forestry department. The visit was covered in the local newspaper.
Based on these lectures and field surveys, students worked in group work and made presentations on the final day. After the presentation, the participants were awarded certificates of completion by Dr. Sudhirkumar Barai, Director of BITS Pilani (Pilani campus) in the closing ceremony.

With Forest Officers Interview survey with local residents
Final Presentation Conclusion Ceremoney

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