Program Activities

Implementation plan in 2017 (PDF)

Taoyaka Program Seminar

Taoyaka Program Seminars provide opportunities for students to exchange information on multicultural-coexistence and to develop educational materials.







International Symposium

Symposiums are held inviting experts active on the front line of their fields, to learn about consider a society of coexistence. The aim is to guide society in a positive direction, where there is close contact with regions facing issues, such as developing nations and under- populated areas in Japan.

No Date Theme Lecturers
1 November 2nd,2014 Toward a Multicultural-Coexistence Society Mr. Shinya Ominami (Director, NPO Green Valley Inc.)
Ms. Hiromi Tengeji (Representative, Kopernik Japan)
2 November 4th,2015 Collaboration between Future Earth and the Leading Graduate Education Program of Hiroshima University in interdisciplinary research and human resource development Dr. Paul Shrivastava, Future Earth, UNITAR, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
3 December 19th, 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and Peace: Clearance of long-term damages of the past war and conflict in Cambodia and Lao PDR Prof. Kenneth R. Rutherford, Director of the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery,James Madison University 

Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Program, Cambodian Mine Action Center, JICA, Japan Mine Action Service

4 November 28th, 2016 Onsite Education for Global Understanding: Graduate School Programs and IYGU2016 Prof. Dr. Benno Werlen, Exective Director, The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)

Prof. Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara, Program Coordinator, Graduate Education and Research Training Program in DECISION SCIENCE for a sustainable society, Kyushu University

Prof. Dr. Kohei Okamoto, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University
5 January 17th, 2018 Globalization of Education, Science and Research Dr. Girish Sahni, Director General of CSIR
6 December 1st, 2018 The 2nd Hiroshima University Symposium on SDGs (The 3rd Peace Lecture Marathon) H. Murat Mercan, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

Tahl Kestin, Research Program Manager, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University

Derrick M. Anderson, Advisor to the President, Office of the President, Arizona State University

International Workshop

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Lecture 1: Dr. Masayuki Moriyama, President, Vital LEAD Co.LTD
Lecture 2: Victorino Aquitania, Regional Director, ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability Southeast Asia Secretariat
Lecture 3: Dr. Kazuhiro Mochidzuki, Project Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo

Student presentation
“Study of a xylose decomposition under sub- and supercritical water” Nattacha Paksung, Technical Creation Course
“Chemotaxis of Ralstonia solanacearum as a target to control bacterial wilt disease”
Mattana Tunchai, Technical Creation Course
“Transport-based social exclusion and its implications for urban policy” David Perez Barbosa, Social Implementation Course
“Urban Heat Island in the growing cities in a hot and humid climate of Asia and its mitigation” Andhang Rakhmat Trihamdani, Social Implementation Course